Note:  If you want to “try before you buy,” you can listen to free samples of each track on or (click the links below -- there’s no obligation to buy if you just want to listen to the clips). Also, you can click on BE HEALED Lyrics to see what you think of the lyrics.

There are currently two ways to purchase this CD:

1. You can order a physical CD from CD Baby.  If you order a physical CD, I give you the right to make up to 2 copies of the songs to give away to whomever you wish. The CD price is $16.00 even. (If CD Baby runs out of copies, you can e-mail me at to see about getting your order fulfilled directly through Hyler Cove Music.  We use CD Baby for fulfillment to free up more time here to work on more cool music!)


2. You can order the CD as an MP3 download to your computer.  MP3 files are not quite as hi-fidelity as the physical CD files, but they’re still really good and many people won’t notice a difference.  The “make 2 free copies” deal is NOT available with digital downloads.  The digital download price is $9.99.  At this writing, you can only download MP3’s from, but by March 2009 or so, you should be able to get them on iTunes, Amazon, Wal*Mart and some other similar sites.

Download MP3 version of files from