Free Healing Book

HEALING FOR WINDOWS is a free cyberbook I wrote back in 1997 about divine healing. It is formatted as a Windows Help file and requires versions of Windows that can read such files. (It does not run on Mac’s unless you are running Windows emulation.)  I wrote this book as a gift to the body of Christ.  You may download this regardless of whether you ever purchase BE HEALED. There are no strings attached -- I do not ask for any offering or any other compensation.  My reward is when people read it and believe what the Bible says about healing -- and reach out in faith and receive it!

HEALING FOR WINDOWS would be over 1,600 pages long if printed in a typical book format.  It contains Old and New Testament scriptures about healing with commentary, dozens of messages about healing, answers to dozens of questions about divine healing, answers to over 150 objections to divine healing (what about Paul’s thorn, what about Job, what about Timmy’s tummy, if you never get sick you’ll never die, etc.), a place to look up your ailment in Scripture, an interactive dialog about healing and more.

HEALING FOR WINDOWS takes up less than 1.4 megabytes -- it’s highly compressed and only decompresses itself in memory while running.  It takes up less space on your hard drive than one of those old 3.5” 1.44 Meg floppy disks!

Download Healing for Windows


Healing for Windows is implemented as a traditional Windows Help file that could run as-is on Windows 3 up through Windows XP.  Microsoft does not ship the file (WinHlp32.Exe) that allows Healing for Windows to run with Windows 7, but with some work you can get Healing for Windows up and running on a Windows 7 machine.

There are quite a few steps involved, but fortunately, you only have to do them once, after which you can enjoy Healing for Windows forever.

If you already know if you’re running 32-bit or 64-bit Windows, you can skip the following step.  If you don’t know, hit the Windows key (or click Start), then type “system” (without the quotes) into the so-called Start Search box -- it’s the only place you’ll see where you can type something. You’ll get a list of options -- click the one called “system”. You will see an entry called “System type:” that will be either “64-bit Operating System” or “32-bit Operating System”, depending on which you have.  You will need to know which you have to finish the steps below.

Log to Scroll down and click the line that says “Download the Windows Help program (WinHlp32.exe) for Windows 7 package now.”  You will get another page, at the bottom of which there will be two choices. If you have the 64-bit version of Windows 7, click the CONTINUE button across from the file ending in -x64.msu. If you have the 32-bit version, click the one across from -x86.msu.  (If there is only one CONTINUE button, click it wherever it is.)

At this point, if you’ve never installed Windows Genuine Advantage, you’ll get a prompt to do so.   Your browser will say, “This website want to install the following add-on:  ‘Windows Genuine Advantage’ from Microsoft Corporation.”  Click “Install”.  You’ll get a message, “Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer?” Click “Yes”. This will take you back to the previous page when it is done and you’ll have to click CONTINUE again.

Once you’ve clicked the CONTINUE button, you’ll get a prompt at which you click “Open”.  When asked, “Do you want to install the following Windows software update?” click “Yes”.  Then accept the license terms by clicking “I accept”.

Now return to  Find the line that says “How to enable macros on a single computer after you install the WinHlp32.exe download” and click below it where it says to “Click here to view or hide a detailed automated solution.”   Click the “Microsoft Fix it” icon.  Click “Run” at the resulting prompt.  Then check “I agree” to consent to the license agreement and click “Next”. You are now asked, “Do you want to allow the following program to install software on this computer?” Click “Yes”. At the prompt, “This Microsoft Fix it has been processed”, click “Close”. Back on the main page, find “How to unblock .hlp files that are stored on the Intranet on a single computer after you install the WinHlp32.exe download” and click below it where it says “Click here to view or hide a detailed automated solution.” Click the “Microsoft Fix it” icon. Click “Run” at the resulting prompt. Check “I Agree”, then click “Next”.  Click “Yes” and when this program is done, click “Close”.

You’re almost done.  Now you can download Healing for Windows by clicking the link farther up on this page -- don’t ask your PC to “Run” it though, because Windows 7 won’t run .Hlp files directly from the Internet by default.  Instead, click “Save” to save the file in your downloads folder.  Now press the Windows key (or click Start), select Documents, then Downloads, then find the HEALING “document”.  Right-click the HEALING document and select Properties from the downloads menu. Click “Unblock”, then “Apply”, then “OK”.  Now you should be able to run Healing for Windows any time by clicking on the HEALING document.

Note:  I am considering doing a traditional Web version of Healing for Windows to save Windows 7 users this Microsoft-created hassle, and also to allow Mac and UNIX users to access Healing for Windows. This would be a large undertaking; I will put a notice here if it I decide to do it and it’s ready.  The advantage of the existing Healing for Windows is that once you download it, you no longer have to be somewhere with Internet access to read it.