Free Overheads

Download Free Overheads for all songs on BE HEALED

On this page, I’m pleased to offer you free, ready-to-project overhead transparency pages for all 25 songs on BE HEALED! (Track 20 has two songs back to back.) All you have to do is download the .PDF file with all the songs from the link above, then print the pages you want onto overhead transparencies. They’re in the same order as the tracks on the CD. Then you’re ready to sing them with your congregation! Some of the songs lend themselves more to congregational singing than others, of course.  For example, “Jesus Is Alive” has some of my personal healing testimonies on it; they won’t be everyone’s experience that they could sing about.  On the other hand, “Thank You Lord for What You Did for Me” makes a really nice worship song, especially in a communion service. “You Never Change” is a beautiful song (some people’s favorite on the whole CD), but its vocal range could make it a challenge for most congregation members to sing. I put them all out there and you can decide for yourself what will work in your services with your people.

If you want to have your choir or worship team do one of the more songs as a “special music” number, you can make as many copies as you want for them and print them onto plain paper so that they can learn the words (or “cheat” and have the words in front of them).

The overheads differ from the BE HEALED Lyrics page because they generally only print a given section of words once in order to fit everything on one page.  Everything did fit except for the last song (BE HEALED), which takes two pages.

The only other change of note is that for the sake of simplicity, the “long” (first) version of the lyrics is printed for Track 13 (“Thank You Lord for Healing Me”). The second time through I skip “You bore for me the dreadful curse/took the pain that I deserved;” it’s up to you if you want to skip these lines or just do them again to keep things simple.

Remember, you have my permission to perform these songs and project these words in any church service or campmeeting free of charge; you do not have to be a member of CCLI or pay me royalties.  I like to give and this is one more way I can give to the body of Christ.