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Ministry FAQ


Are you part of any denomination or ministerial association?

We are not part of any denomination and we are members of a nondenominational independent church, Cornerstone Church, in Johnson City, TN.  Rosie and I are part of the Association of Related Ministries International, an outreach of Andrew Wommack Ministries.  Dr. Barry Burns, who co-pastors Cornerstone Church with his wife Ann, is also the Executive Director of A.R.M.I.

The opinions expressed in my book and our meetings are our own and do not officially reflect the positions of Cornerstone Church, Andrew Wommack Ministries or A.R.M.I., though there is plenty of overlap, as you would probably guess.

Where do you live?

We live in Johnson County, TN near Mountain City and we drive about 1 1/4 hours to church in Johnson City (which is NOT in Johnson County!).  We love the physical climate, scenery and friendly people in our small town in the mountains and we love the spiritual climate and friendly people at Cornerstone Church in Johnson City!  Our ministry office is in our house, so our fixed expenses (PO Box, telephone, Web hosting) are minimal.

What is your ministry most passionate about?

Healing of the sick, teaching healing, faith, grace and related topics, and the need to allow the Holy Spirit to have His way in services.

Where did you and Rosie attend Bible School?

I am a graduate of Victory Bible Training Center in North Andover, MA (USA) and Rosie is a graduate of World Impact Bible Institute, Toronto, ON (Canada).

Are you available for meetings?


You donít have to agree with everything in my book to have us in.  When I pastored, I never had anyone in that I agreed with 100% doctrinally either!  Minor differences donít matter for purposes of seeing the sick healed and allowing the Holy Spirit to move. If there is a particular area of disagreement, just let us know what it is and weíll make sure that we donít touch the topic while ministering at your church.  You might not guess this given my stance on things in my book, but quite a few of my friends when we pastoted in Maine for 16 years were Baptist ministers. While they did not preach divine healing, they were still precious brothers in Christ.  We fellowshipped around what we could agree on and I even preached in one of their churches and at two Christian schools that they ran.  Of course, in such a situation, I did not preach a message on ďAll the Reasons You Need to Pray in Tongues a Lot!Ē

Why do you do some of your own meetings and sometimes not take up offerings in those meetings? Donít you think that the workman is worthy of his hire?

Doing our own meetings ensures us the freedom to flow in the Holy Spirit based on His schedule.  I have no Scriptural problem with offerings, but I just donít like the way they can break up the service when weíre trying to have a consistent flow of the Holy Spirit.  If that sounds too radical, consider that there is no record of Jesus ever taking an offering from the people He ministered to, but there were cases where He GAVE them all something (food)!  Jesus had partners behind the scenes who took care of things.  So do we. Our last outing was 100% partner-paid in advance, which took all the pressure off us and eliminated the need to ďpass the hatĒ to pay for the facility and publicity.  We are in a good position to do that again next time. We keep our expenses VERY low, which helps.  We DID receive peopleís tithes and offerings when we pastored, and I had no qualms about doing that.  We just saved the offering for near the end of the service so that the rest of the service could flow together.

Can I become a partner or donate money?

We donít go around asking people to become partners or give us money (I donít see where Jesus did either), though if the Lord leads you to do either, we wonít turn you away!  We appreciate our supporters who make things much easier for us and help us get the message of divine healing out. Please be aware that gifts are NOT tax-deductible because we are NOT a 501(c)(3) organization and we do not give out receipts for tax purposes. (The IRS canít tell us what we can and cannot do or say; we can do and say whatever we want and we donít have to fill out their yearly paperwork.)  At this writing, checks should just be made out to C. Stephen Young personally.  (Iíll update this paragraph if this changes.) Do not send us your tithes -- they should always go to your local church.

Do you have a newsletter?

Not at this time.  Instead, we will just post updates to the News tab, or if new articles, free books, music, etc. become available in the future (I have plans!), theyíll get added to this site.  We do keep in touch with our partners, which is only fair because they have a key role in helping us do what we do.  That may lead to a partner newsletter in the near future as the number of partners increases. It will probably be via email to keep things fast, inexpensive and simple.

Is your ministry on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or elsewhere?

Thatís a tough choice in this digital age, but so far, C. Stephen Young Ministries doesnít have a social media presence. Instead, I devote the time I would spend doing that to study of the Word and prayer.  I have no regrets.  As I suggest to others in my book, I focus my attention on becoming good at what I do as opposed to becoming popular.  There is only so much time during the day.  Iím not saying that I will NEVER get on social media because I usually end up doing things Iíve told people Iíll NEVER do (ďIíll never pastor a church,Ē ďIíll never move to the Bible BeltĒ etc.)!


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