02/28/2009:  Almost everything on the site is now available in Spanish by clicking a button on the Home page. A church in Topsham, Maine is now distributing the CD.

02/01/2009:  The first wholesale copies for resale were distributed to a church in Searsport, Maine.

01/29/2009:  Today BE HEALED was set up for sale on CD Baby (physical CDís) and the CD Baby BE HEALED page is now accessible with one click from this site.  We also added a one-click link to the BE HEALED page where MP3 files may be ordered.

01/28/2009:  I added the Free Overheads page where you can get free overhead-ready pages with the words to all songs on BE HEALED so that you can display the words at church. No royalty payments or CCLI membership required! I also added the Contact Me page.

01/27/2009:  Today was the first day someone bought a copy of  BE HEALED.  We havenít put out a general press release yet because the CD is not yet available for purchase on and I want to wait for that so that we donít frustrate people by promoting something they canít get yet.  (Itís available on as an MP3 download only at this writing.)  We sold 9 copies today anyway -- gotta start somewhere!

01/26/2009:  Today was the official ďrelease dateĒ because itís when I got the CDís back from the replicating plant. The only CD actually distributed today was a free one that I gave to my sweet wife Rosie, with great thanks for all her patience during the process of making BE HEALED!