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YEAH Instructions


The following instructions will help you get the most out of YEAH.

To go to a given topic or Scripture, click the blue underlined “link” associated with it.  In some cases with Scripture verses, you may be taken to the middle of a longer passage or to the text within another section where that Scripture is used.  The location in question will be the first line on the top of your screen in all cases.

To go back to a previously-viewed page (one page at a time), press Alt-LeftArrow.

To go immediately to the “home page” (beginning of the document), press Ctrl-Home.

To search for something, press Ctrl-F and then type the word or phrase you want to find. This may take a considerable amount of time because YEAH is so big. However, when you do subsequent “finds” through the same sections of the document during the same session, you’ll find that response time improves dramatically.

PageUp and PageDown take you a page at a time from your current location.  The UP and DOWN icons on your screen go back and forward a page at a time also, but they always start you with the top of each page.

You can attach notes and highlight sections using screen icons, though I don’t encourage that because there may be new versions of YEAH in the future and your notes would not be transferable to them.


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