C. Stephen Young

Welcome to my music Web site!

I currently have one CD available for sale -- Be Healed. Be Healed contains 24 original songs (over 75 minutes!) about receiving healing through faith in Jesus Christ.  All tracks feature passionate piano playing and singing!  They are mainly rock n’ roll, soft rock and country, though there’s one ragtime song and a couple that are musically hard to categorize.  People tell me that the musical styles remind them of Jerry Lee Lewis and Keith Green. While I worked very hard on the music to get it to sound great, the music is secondary to the message.  The main purpose of this CD is to build your faith to receive the healing that Jesus Christ paid for you to have 2,000 years ago when He suffered physically in your place.

If you want, you can listen to samples portions of each track -- click the album image below to get to my page for Be Healed, where you can also purchase a physical CD.

You can purchase Be Healed in digital format from iTunes and

I hope you enjoy listening to Be Healed as much as I enjoyed making it!  I sang all the vocals, played all the instruments and did all the recording and mixing. I hope you receive the healing Jesus paid for you to have.  The main reason I made this CD was to help you receive that healing.

Click the album image below to hear samples from Be Healed or to purchase it: