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YEAH (Youngís EBook About Healing) tells you how to receive and minister Chrstian healing.

It contains 221 discussion chapters (plus 2 additional reference chapters), answers to 204 questions and 426 sections that refute objections to healing. It features a ďrobo-chatĒ about your healing, a list of relevant places in Scripture that deal with specific illnesses, a list of mistakes to avoid and annotated Scriptures.

Unlike a typical book, this book is full of internal hyperlinks that you can click to navigate from one place to another to find content that interests you.

This book is much too large to publish in printed form.  Even in its PDF format, where more content per page can fit compared to typical publishing formats, the book weighs in at 2,867 pages. With over a million words, this book would be very hard to navigate if it were not in electronic format. If printed using ďclassic faith libraryĒ conventions, it would be over 4,100 pages long, and if printed using more modern faith book conventions, it would be over 7,000 pages long!

Also unlike a typical book, YEAH is offered to the entire world absolutely free with no donation requested. This book is my gift to the Body of Christ, and even to people who donít know our gracious Lord and Savior yet. If you like it, please share it with your friends - or even your enemies!  You have my blessing to reproduce it, email it, post it on the Web, etc. as much as you want as long as you donít change it or charge anyone for it.

This book is all based on original Bible research; I didnít purpose to parrot popular preachers.  You will be challenged to reexamine some things that you thought you already knew that you learned elsewhere. This book has plenty of ideas that I have never seen in print anywhere else, and it covers topics Iíve never seen in any book to date. (Other people may have reached the same conclusions from the same Scriptures and I just donít know about it yet; I havenít read every book in the world.) I kept learning new things about healing and other topics the whole time I was writing this book, and I was shocked to find that some things I had taught all my life (and my friends taught) really didnít line up with certain Scriptures.

I had yet to see a book that took on healing objections from the denominational seminary crowd. There is no shortage of such objections!  But if they continue to go unanswered, the professors will teach future professors the same inaccuracies, they will continue to misinterpret the same verses, and the circle of ignorance will go unbroken.  Iíve had online ďdiscussionsĒ with seminary professors and Iíve gotten used to their ďintellectualĒ reasons why healing isnít for everyone.  Iím hoping that some of that crowd will get this book and realize that theyíve been taught wrong about Godís character and about who they really are in Christ and that it IS His desire for everyone to walk in health.  By making this book free, Iíve eliminated the concern that they might be financing the devil if they get and read my book.

I have no philosophical problem with ministries charging for materials, and Iíve proved that by offering my music CD for sale.  The idea behind making this book free is to enable it to get into as many hands as possible as quickly as possible, including people who would never think of actually buying a book on Christian healing.

YEAH is intended to be read with an Adobe PDF Reader.  Some brief instructions for using that reader are included on this site.  See Downloading YEAH for details of how to get YEAH onto your device.

Finally, the Release Notes will cover any changes I make to YEAH over time and theyíll let you know what the latest release is. I donít plan any MAJOR updates to YEAH at this point -- it seems quite comprehensive to me  -- but if things crop up that I missed in my proofreading (and proofclicking), I will update the book to fix them. Because it seemed like I learned something new literally every day about the topics in this book, my big concern was that probably by the day after I released it, Iíd have gained additional insights that werenít in the book and Iíd wish that I had put them in there. But thatís the beauty of publishing free and online -- I can just update the book and people can just overwrite the old version with the new one if I decide to change or add material.

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